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We are a family owned and operated web developer business based in Brisbane and Sydney specialising in corporate web development.  By designing your corporate website, we can help your corporation grow larger with qualified leads.
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Small or large, your website design is an extremely important part of the business growth.  Our professional and dedicated small business team will work with you to your needs and your business requirements.
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We are a professional SEO company focused on ensuring your website functions at optimal performance.  To this end, we provide tailored SEO, website maintenance, and hosting service to all businesses, large and small.

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SEO is an integral part of your website’s success.  If your SEO is not right, your website may not rank well.  Our SEO consultants specialise in both onpage and offpage SEO helping to generate quailified leads and direct organic traffic to your website.

We ARE Brisbane based Web Developers

We create websites that will give your customers a great user experience, which will help your business grow and gets you ranking higher than your competitors.

…generating organic traffic … the key to website success! 


Secure storage is imperitive for any online business. We are a security compliant, managed cloud hosting solution for small business websites and corporate business websites. 


Monthly analysis and reporting is essential for any business to grow online. These metrics are invaluable in improving your online footprint.


We can build a custom designed website to your specifications and requirements for your products and potential customers.


UX and UI are an equally important facet to the success of a website. We take care in developing user friendly and Google friendly websites.


WordPress is a wonderful platform to develop websites.  It is great to work with because it’s flexible and easily customisable, which is why we love using it…Google loves it too!


Our SEO packages are set up for businesses, small to large, and encompass website security and maintenance through to content writing and editing.


This is the SEO component that everyone seems to pay lip service too. Keywords are the bread and butter of SEO work. We have robust SEO and KW procedures to help get your website ranking well.


Our business marketing assessment helps identify facets of your business which are integral to developing your website, creating a great UI/UX, directing the right traffic, and reaching your website goals.

Knowing what you get in your SEO Package + Hosting Package is Important!


You don’t normally go and purchase a car without knowing all the specs like its efficiency, warranty or “how fast can you get to 100km/h“.  So why is it any different with your website and SEO hosting packages?  Perhaps it is the minimal outlay compared to a car or house.  You should think of it like this, “My Website is an asset, and if I continue to develop my asset it will increase my business, and therefore increase my income and my quality of life“.  Knowing what is included in a hosting and SEO plan from your provider, is as important as getting a professional to build your website and complete your SEO.

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We can help you generate more leads for your business. Contact us today and watch your online presence grow and your Google ranking increase.

Initial Marketing Assessment and Analysis

If you are a small or large business owner and already have a website or are in the market for a brand new website, as part of our web design and web development process, we will meet with you and carry out a business marketing assessment.  This initial consultation is essential to identify your requirements for a new website, or any areas which require improvement in your current website.  At EFOUR Web Developers, our experienced team will provide a strategic approach with profitable insights for your business.

By carrying out this very important consultation, we can help you grow your business to its utmost potential. Our sole job, as web developers and SEO consultants, is to help you develop your business and online presence through web development, web design, and organic SEO.  This analysis helps us to identify your perfect customers and the services you are providing. We always think, “if there’s a problem, there’s a solution”.  In other words, what problems do your customers have and how can you help solve them?  This method has been proven time and time again with the growth of many successful online businesses.  

Website Design

Following our initial business marketing assessment and analysis, EFOUR Web Developers then bring together the analysis and ideas to begin the process of creating the best possible web design for your business.

We create a simple site map,  which will allow you to have an idea of the design, layout and pages of your website.  This is an important step, which allows us to make any adjustments you may require, prior to commencing the website build.

Whether your website is large or small, an info-based or ecommerce site, as experienced website developers, EFOUR Web Developers will help you through the website design process, including themes, layout, colours, graphics, images and fonts, all the way through to content and SEO (search engine optimisation).

SEO Analysis

As part of your website development, we conduct an SEO analysis of your existing or your new website.  This helps us determine the right keywords to be used on your website, in order for it to start ranking.

One of the most important things to consider when conducting SEO analysis is, “Keywords, contents and links”.  Without the perfect combination of these three things, your website could rank very poorly and be lost in an avalanche of search engine results, which mean your competitor’s business is improving, not yours!

It is becoming increasingly competitive.  However, a well planned and well developed website, together with quality SEO, can still rank very well in Google.  

To help grow your business, our SEO team at EFOUR Web Developers, conduct a comprehensive analysis of SEO including onsite SEO, off site SEO, SEO backlinks, keyword research,  business marketing analysis, including a customised SEO plan to suit your budget. 

SEO Development

Some companies choose not to establish an online presence through a website.  Perhaps this is because they don’t understand that creating a website does not require heaps of IT resources, or they may consider that SEO is too complicated, too difficult to understand, and very costly.  Without an online presence through a great quality website, a lot small businesses may struggle to continue.  By using tried and tested SEO techniques, and the right SEO agency, your business’s rankings could  improve making your website more competitive, and generating more leads. 

One of the most important factors for SEO is keyword development.  “Keywords” are the words and phrases your potential customers are typing into search engines, like Google.  Some keywords and phrases are very specific and help to find the most qualified customer for your business.  It is important to find out and understand what words or phrases they are typing into Google.

In saying all that, it’s fair to say this is not something you would just have an average IT or web development company do.  You need a smart and professional online SEO consultant team who specialise in SEO keywords, SEO content and backlinks. You need an SEO agency that knows and understands SEO, the idiosyncrasies of Google algorithms, and which keyword searches could become qualified leads.

With the ever-increasing attention of Google’s algorithms on the design, content quality and benefits of a website, it’s more important than ever to have a expert digital marketing agency as your SEO consultant ahead of the technical knowledge of developers and programmers. Right from the very beginning of your website design all the way through to the final images and content, the understanding and  knowledge of experienced SEO consultants is needed.

UI/UX (User Interface/User experience)

Search engines, like Google no longer recognise websites that are filled with keywords in the background (meaning we can’t see them), as authentic, good quality websites.

Google algorithms are constantly being updated, becoming smarter and more intuitive, focusing on your website content quality, user interface (UI), user experience (UX), and backlinks.  How your website responds to users is vital to SEO performance.  If visitors to your website, via mobile devices, have a poor user experience, it is most likely you will see a decrease in your Google rankings.

How well the content on your website is presented to your visitors, is dependent on your website’s UI/UX (user interface and user experience).  For a visitor to return to your website, they need to have great user experience. Needless to say, if the quality of the content on your website is poor; there was no solution to their problem; or your visitors found your website difficult to navigate, they may leave your website, never to return.  If any potential customers click onto your website and then return to Google without any further clicks into your website or spending time looking at your website, this only serves to increase your “Bounce rate”.  The higher your bounce rates climbs, the lower your website will rank.   

When you use our SEO services, we take the time into ensure your website has a user-friendly UI and a simple UX. The UI/UX and SEO performance of your website are all vital and equally important to your site’s effectiveness. With the SEO on your website driving traffic, the UI maintains interest for your visitors  and should help convert them into buyers.

At EFOUR Web Developers, our SEO services can provide graphics, images, content and (including some interactive content) to provide a simple, elegant UI which gives a great UX experience regardless of what platform is being used.

The importance of sitemaps

A well-designed and good quality sitemap is another very important consideration for Google. The location of all your images, articles, pages, and products on your website, are contained in your sitemap.  A sitemap’s design and layout are crucial not only to your potential customers, but also to help search engines.

The layout of your website should be easy to read and simple to navigate ensuring search engines can find relevant new content and images as well as ensuring a good UX.  Also, there could be pages you don’t want indexed, which means you don’t want Google to search them.  This could be because you may only want specific pages (e.g. high search quantity pages) to be indexed.  Your web developer and SEO consultant should take this into consideration when planning your website and SEO package.

Just remember, the more high quality pages that are indexed, the higher your overall rankings will be. 

A little bit about On-Site and Off-Site SEO

Onsite SEO and Offsite SEO are fairly common terms and you will probably learn about them during your website design and development.

Onsite SEO is also referred to as on page SEO“.  These are techniques that are used by experienced SEO agencies to improve website ranking and qualified traffic.

Of course, the end game is that your website attracts qualified customers.  The easiest way for this to happen is if the content on your pages, articles and blog answers questions, solves problems, and/or provides information for your potential customers.  If you have an experienced SEO agency, they will ensure your onsite SEO is just right for your website.  With the right SEO agency doing not only your website design and development, but also your SEO, your will see your website’s ranking begin to improve and, in turn,  more qualified ‘ready to buy’ customers will be looking at your website.  

It makes sense then that if your website has been built to answer questions, solve problems, provide information, and make purchasing easy for your potential customers, then your website should be easy to navigate and your customers should be able to find what they’re looking for. 

Offsite  SEO, on the other hand, does not deliver content to your audience. Off site SEO is based around building relevant links to and from your website. These backlinks connect your website with the world wide web via other relevant and popular websites.  Some factors include the popularity, trustworthiness and authority of the site you are linking to.  

At EFOUR Web Developers we are fully aware of the intricacies of on-site and off-site SEO. Our SEO team applies a well thought out approach to your SEO plan including link building strategies that will increase your rankings on google.  


Creating Quality SEO Content

EFOUR Web Developers create high demand SEO friendly content using a holistic research approach, starting out with Business Marketing Assessments, Keyword Research and touching on various elements that improve your site visibility and structure. This content could be audio, text, video, infographics etc.  

Content, such as those mentioned, are geared to enlighten and entertain your audience. Therefore, we create content that is focused on what your audience wants to read, view or hear. As a local SEO company, we’re fully aware of the importance of relevant content to search engine ranking. We treat a website’s content as important as we treat the coding, the aesthetics and the utility of the website. We know how high-quality content that reaches an audience can help propel a website from obscurity to prominence in search engine page rankings.

In order to ensure that the content we’re publishing can command the attention of your audience, we conduct and complete:

  • a marketing analysis
  • keyword research, while this implies a focus on relevant keywords, it doesn’t require us to focus less on what the audience wants to hear at a point in time
  • Choose a format for seamless reading. We break down contents into easily digestible sections and then spruce up the writing with images. The attention span of most people is between 3-5 seconds, and decreasing rapidly with millennials barely being a captured audience for up to 3 seconds.
  • Sprinkle contents with back links. Backlinks to authority websites can help elevate your site’s credibility. Search engines recognise backlinks to authority websites in a website’s content as a clear sign of authenticity.

The Importance of Web Site Security in SEO rankings on Google 

The extent to which your visitors are comfortable with security and privacy on your site can affect both your relationship with your visitors as well as your SEO scores. Since users can be giving out some sensitive personal information on your sites like their email address or social media links, you need to assure them of their safety and privacy when they’re on your site.

Some of the key security features that most users often look out for on sites is a lock icon that appears during financial transactions as well as the HTTPS socket. This feature usually indicates to users that their information is being transmitted over a secure portal.

There are several benefits of using HTTPS protection on your site. These include:

  • Prevention of unauthorized access to client information, i.e hacking , whether the client is buying a product, opting for a service or making inquiries.
  • Encrypts various communication channels, including URLs, providing extra protection for submitted personal information.
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