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Welcome to EFOUR Web Developers, a small family business based in Brisbane.  

EFOUR Web Developers specialises in web design, web development and SEO consultancy, all expertly designed and custom built to help your online business grow to its full potential and rank higher in Google. 

Our goal is to create simple yet effective websites that are heavily geared towards what our clients want and need for their business.  We use tried and tested SEO techniques to get these websites ranking on search engines, like Google. 

EFOUR Web Developers have been investing in websites, and renovating them for a number of years and enjoys seeing the fruits of labour about the 9 month mark when the SEO plan starts to return the benefits to clients.

We would describe our work as simple but effective, and always done with all our clients’ best interests at heart. We come together with varying fields of experience and expertise, including Web Development, SEO, Project Management, Sales and Marketing, Content and Customer Service.

Even though we operate out of Brisbane and Sydney we have happy clients Australia wide. 

Meet the Amazing Team

Corporate SEO Australia

Damen Edwards

Corporate SEO Services + Web Development + Project Management

small business SEO specialist

Sheree Edwards

Small Business SEO Services + Web Development + SEO & Content Specialist

freelance web developer brisbane

Celeste Edwards

SEO Specialist Consultant + Web Development + Design

website design brisbane

Sandy Edwards

SEO Specialist Consultant + Web Development

What we do

We pride ourselves on helping business owners, both large corporations and small family run businesses (like our own), to achieve the best digital solutions for their business, helping to generate leads, increase profits, and watch their business grow and continue to grow!

Our team at EFOUR Web Developers and SEO Consultants, genuinely want to help you attract more qualified traffic to your website, increase your sales and make your business website everything you could possibly want!  We believe customer service, and the little things, make all the difference as well!

How do we do it?

We offer fresh and innovative ideas in design and user experience, as well as ongoing hosting and SEO packages.  Our goal is to keep you involved in the process and update you every stage – after all it is your business.

We have a tried and tested process, beginning with our initial meeting where we discuss your desired business outcomes and develop a website strategy to suit your needs. 

Then comes the best part, the custom designed and built website.  This is something we are enthusiastic and passionate about because we want to create the freshest, most innovative website to set the stage for your business’s appearance on Google and other search engines.

What you should know!

Have you ever heard the saying, “It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen”?  Well, this is very true for websites ranking well in Google.

If another web developer says to you “I can have your website ranking immediately” – well, let’s just say that’s not possible.  Google recognises which websites have been built in this fashion and ranks them accordingly.  We know that Google, and other search engines, prefer websites that have been built up over a period of time.  Google then recognises them as genuine websites and before too long your website will begin to rank, provided of course it has all the right elements, including and very importantly, good quality SEO.

Having your new website rank well on Google does take time, but it will be worth the wait!!




We can help you generate more leads to your online business. Contact us today and watch your online presence improve in rankings!