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What is SEO

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, and is the term used to describe a way to have a website achieve higher rankings on Google and other search enigines.

What is Organic SEO

This is the method by which SEO specialists and SEO agencies employ keywords and other facets of SEO to rank images and websites on search engines like, google and bing without having to pay for it ie. Google Adwords.

SEO Services and SEO packages

Our SEO Services include content creation, backlinks, citations, keywords, metadata and more. Our Small business SEO packages and corporate SEO packages can be tailored to your needs and budget.

Do I need SEO

Yes. If you are a business owner and you want to secure and increase your profits, grow or expand and future proof your income, you defeintely want to have search engine optimisation.

Ongoing Maintenance and SEO

Ongoing SEO and website maintenance is the key to increasing your rankings. Without it your website will exist but not produce the success or generate the profit and leads you need to keep your business ahead of its competitors.

How do I get higher Rankings on Google

You get higher rankings on Google by engaging with a professional SEO company that can explain to you what they are providing. There are a number of factors that can help you achieve higher rankings including the 3 pillars – keywords, content and links.


What is a Web Developer

A Web Developer or web site builder specialises in applying information and design into application for people to view on the internet. Luckily at EFOUR Web Developers, we  not only take that information and present it to the world for you, but we encorporate SEO from the start of the design.

What is Web Design

Web design is a part of website development. Primarily where our design team will come up with how your website is going to look, with regards to colours, text, background images etc.

What is Word Press

WordPress is a free, open source platform that enables us to deliver your content and images to the internet. Lucky for you we are wordpress specialists.

Why do you need plugins

A plugin is an add on software that allows your platform, like wordpress, to display content and images or make your platform behave in  a way that it was not originally designed to do.  Plugins can help speed up your website, create contact pages and short cuts and can help with security. Plugins give you the flexibility to create modified versions of the original platform.

Custom Web Design

We always seem to have people wanting a custom built website. What I would say to them is would you like it to look individual or would you like someone to custom code it. Custom websites can be more expensive and behave in a way that is not necessarily normal to other pre-made platforms out there. These are generally more expensive and may need someone who writes code to maintain it for you, unless they create a custom dashboard for you to utilise.  You can get most web development platforms to look exactly how you like and perform how you want with limited additional code.

Benefits of a Web Development Company

Why would you pick a company over a freelancer??? Often a freelancer will provide you with a cheaper website and gets the job done. Freelancers are exactly that, freelance.  They will build you the site and then if they don’t want to do that anymore they move on. Our company is about making a relationship with you, building your website, ensuring that you are climbing the rankings in Google and making sure that the security of your website is always up to date. We can deliver you a website that will provide you with leads.


We can help you generate more leads to your online business. Contact us today and watch your online presence improve in rankings!