EFOUR Web Developers have developed unique quality lead generating techniques which help you get leads sooner. 

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What is lead generation in digital marketing? 

Put simply, quality lead generation Brisbane is about generating leads that will ultimately convert to sales. The rise of online sales and marketing has modified this technique to adapt to our changing retail landscape.

Gone are the days of leads predominantly being generated by door to door salespeople or even annoying telephone telemarketers. These days, most people are set up to shop online, so that’s where they get their information about where to shopwho to shop with and what to buy.

Don’t be fooled, loyalty is most definitely dead but customers will still keep coming back to your website if they enjoy the experience! More about that in our article about why you should use a Custom Web Developer for your business website. 

These days, instead of door to door sales people or telemarketers who take your details for someone to follow up and do the ‘hard sell’ later, there are websites dedicated to Quality lead generation Brisbane and lists business websites for a fee. 

This is called a ‘Lead Generation’ site. It’s unique and it requires a highly specialised skillset.  

And we are experts. 

The ultimate goal of this kind of website is to convince someone to call or email you with their phone number for a call back. Then it’s your job to convert the leads to sales. 


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Quality Lead Generation

Lead Generation isn’t just about paying for Ads.

We combine a variety of techniques that enable us to generate leads for your business.


To generate leads, people have to be able to find your website through an organic search. 

This is a highly specialised area; not all web developers create great lead generation websites and very few do it well

At EFOUR, we are highly trained and constantly ups killing to ensure we are at the leading edge of the market, incorporating Google’s ever-changing list of ranking factors and successfully ranking our client’s sites on Google. 

Working with our clients, we first identify the goals for the website and their business. This is really important; it’s not our website so we have to make sure our ideas are in line with the client’s. Once we have this part completed, it’s over to our researchers and developers to begin. This is where the expert skillset comes in. 

5 Steps to Success – Lead Generation Brisbane

Lets Break it Down 🙂

1. We identify your ideal target audience.


2, We create a custom design that suits your customers, product and intentions.


3. We populate your website with high quality content, images and example products.


4. We utilise a variety of specialised SEO techniques to ensure that Google can see you and keeps promoting your website through the rankings, and generate quality leads.


5. Really importantly, we continue with ongoing SEO over a consistent period of time so that your potential customers can find you through organic searches and then CALL YOU!

Sounds pretty simple, right? 
Add about 20 sub-steps for each of the points above and you might come close to the amount of expertise needed to develop a successful Quality lead generation site in Brisbane, complete with corporate quality content, images and calls to action. Fortunately, we know exactly how to do this successfully and our clients can testify to it. 

Why is Lead Generation Brisbane important? 

There was a very good reason that large companies sent salesmen out door to door. The more customers the company could reach, the higher number of conversions to sales.

The poor salesman didn’t know that to begin with; he was thinking that at each door he came to, he would be greeted with open arms because his product was fantastic! After many knock backs and closed doors, there was a realisation that having a fantastic product just isn’t enough. And it’s true. 

successful business owner I know always says, ‘Cast your net wide and you’ll catch more fish’. It sounds obvious, I know. But often when we think of generating new business, we are thinking of targeting just our local area, just our community, just our town.  

That doesn’t work anymore.

Quality Lead Generation and SEO for local Brisbane businesses

 As you read this, your neighbour is buying a product from Bangladesh that just a generation ago, she would have bought from you because you’re in the same community and frankly, it’s convenient. Globalisation and the Internet have made it even more convenient to research and shop from the comfort of your arm chair and that could take you anywhere in the world.

So too, do you need to go further afield to catch the fish. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t want to just go and advertise to everyone; that would be a waste of resources. Targeted, strategic marketing still has an important place in any good marketing strategy but the ability to generate quality leads from new sources is now more important than ever if your business is to survive in the digital age. 

By Generating Quality leads Doing this through Lead Generation is a highly effective way to cast your net to new, untapped markets 

You need experts to guide you through this so call us to discuss your needs. For more information about creating a site that provides quality lead generation Brisbane, visit our Homepage. 


Whatever type of business you own, you need to spend more time on it rather than in it. Let us bring some work in so you can concentrate on your business and the product or service you provide. 


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Your target market and your target customer are almost, but not quite the same thing. Your target market is usually broad and could include people who work and are in a income bracket, or of a particular age group, etc.  Your target customer, on the other hand, is usually much more specific, e.g. young adults or teenagers, live in a particular area, be a particular ethnicity, or be in a particular income b

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Target customers are identified by us through very specific and targeted research, about your products/services you offer and how those products or services could solve problems for potential customers/clients.  We would then pull together that research to help identify your target customers, i.e. the ones who are looking your product or service specifically.


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